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Diesel Services

Northernauto is now offering Diesel Services for the most common Diesel Engines available:

  • FORD F-250 and above equipped with the PowerStroke 6.0 and 6.4.

  • DODGE RAM 2500 and 3500 with CUMMINS engines.

  • CHEVY and GMC DURAMAX engines

  • VW and Audi TDI engines. 

  • All other Diesel engines foreign and domestic.

Our Services Include: engine repairs, tune up and general maintenance such as oil and filter change, glow plugs replacement, EGR Valve issues, Particulate Filter replacement, Fuel system repairs and compression testing.

Cummins Diesel Engine Repair
FORD Power Stroke Diesel
Duramax Diesel Engines
VW Audi TDI Diesel Engine

Engine Diagnostic

Is your diesel vehicle underperforming? Has your engine been exhibiting troubling symptoms? Now is the time to arrive at a sound diagnosis and find the right cure.

Most common issues are:

  • Check Engine Light / Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

  • Difficult Cold Start

  • Fuel Filter Plugged with Black, Scummy Residue

  • Running Rough / Misfire

  • Excessive Black Smoke

  • Excessive White Smoke

  • Difficult Hot Start

  • Excessive Crankcase Pressure or Excessive White Smoke When Removing Oil Fill Cap


Diesel Oil and Filter change with fully synthetic oil

Oil is a lubricant that keeps your vehicle functioning properly. Oil plays an essential role in the engine of your vehicle, where it helps alleviate friction between various moving components. Without the protective layer that oil provides, the heat created from friction would melt an engine’s parts together. As oil runs through your vehicle’s system, it also collects sludge, grime, and other contaminants that can harm the engine. In turn, the oil filter catches these contaminants and helps to prevent them from mixing with the oil. However, the filter can only hold so much. Over time, the small bits and miscellaneous muck will break down the filter’s defenses. When this happens, the result is dirty oil. In addition to being less effective overall, dirty oil can cause permanent damage to some parts of your vehicle. As such, oil and filter changes are considered an important part of vehicle maintenance.

Cummins Diesel Engine Repair
FORD Power Stroke Diesel
Duramax Diesel Engines
VW Audi TDI Diesel Engine